Introduction - The Story

Not Fintech 3.0! Not Defi 4.0! This is the dawn of Unified Finance

We're disrupting traditional finance on its own turf via turning SMEs into fintech powerhouses!

Today, embedded finance is reshaping the familiar landscape of traditional banking! Giants like Starbucks, Apple, PayPal, and Google are changing how we approach financial services. By bypassing intermediaries and conventional banks, they're offering secure and tailored financial solutions directly to customers. This revolutionary shift is making crucial products and services more accessible, all without the complexities of traditional banking.

However, this scenario leaves 400 million SMEs sidelined, becoming even more susceptible to threats that endanger their existence. Consider your cherished local coffee shop: how can it compete with the overpowering global monopolies that now solidify their dominance through embedded finance? And where are the DeFi unicorns providing a solution while the big fish prey on the small?

Enter Embedr!

We imagine a new future where SMEs carve their own paths as financial innovators! The days of relying solely on banks for technology and capital are gone. With Embedr, SMEs take charge of their financial paths. They have access to state-of-the-art technology that covers everything from web2 to web3. They can easily handle consumer credit, offer savings accounts, fund their supplies, use ongoing lines of credit based on their cash flow, and even confidently issue bonds - all managed via customized pools of liquidity. It's all about giving SMEs the tools they need to manage their finances effectively. Your data remains under your control, you own your customers, you own your revenues and your financial narrative belongs to you.

We are building a closed loop ecosystem where consumers and merchants face each other DIRECTLY, removing ALL MIDDLEMAN. This is not TradFi 3.0 or Defi 4.0. This is the dawn of Unified Finance (UniFi), a true revolution marked by genuine democratization and unstoppable decentralization!

Join us on this transformative journey as we rewrite the financial rulebook and empower SMEs for a robust financial future.

Starting with emerging markets

Since its inception, Embedr has aimed to serve borrowers who can reap the greatest benefits, particularly in regions where decentralization and democratization can make a substantial impact. This vision led to an initial focus on lending enterprises in emerging markets, where the demand for cryptocurrencies is high due to their fluid, cross-border nature. Businesses in these regions can potentially enjoy numerous advantages by adopting cryptocurrencies, as traditional financial systems often impose inefficiencies and barriers that hinder capital flow.

Furthermore, we've identified niches where traditional finance falls short, such as Medical Tourism, where digitalization is limited, and financial services are virtually nonexistent. Today, we're introducing cutting-edge embedded finance infrastructure, along with capital, to address this gap through Remedi Finance. Remedi is poised to launch with active early adopters, including clinics from 10 countries and medical tourism marketing agencies spanning four continents. It's positioned to become the first globally scalable medical tourism financing service, representing a $24.9 billion revenue opportunity alone!

Remedi's next steps involve expanding our product offerings: point-of-care lending for local markets (with pilot studies underway in the UK), flow-based credits for clinics, supplies financing, and the development of exciting innovative product lines.

Currently, Embedr is actively increasing financial accessibility for individuals worldwide through our Borrowers program, spanning more than 12 countries. Notable early adopters will be announced as the paperwork is completed, but here is a quick spoiler:

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