Participation Bank Factory

Participation Bank Factory is the central manager for the the various Revenue Farming Pools.

For SMEs the factory is used to create and manage the Revenue Farming Pools, for liquidity providers it is used to commit rUSD to earn real world revenues.

Core Functionality

Creating a Revenue Farming Pool

Creating a Revenue Farming Pool is the process of creating a new pool

Committing rUSD

Committing rUSD is the process of depositing and locking rUSD to any pool for earning passive and enhanced yields.

While rUSD is locked in the pool and in an inactive status - the underlying business is not using the funds actively - it is used in various protocols to generate passive income.

Requesting Liquidity

Requesting Liquidity is the process of businesses requesting rUSD from their respective pools as loan for their operations. This is the part where users start to earn enhanced yields from their investments.

Normally the liquidity that is provided by users is not active and being used in generating passive income. When a request comes from a business to take some amount of loan from their pools, the system checks if it is an eligible request and gives out the loan accordingly.

When a loan is given to a business, the providers and their contribution is recorded and saved in the protocol for calculating the correct amount of revenue they will generate.

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