For Liquidity Providers

There are two modes liquidity providers can use in Embedr Finance.

One Click Mode

Using One Click Mode, Liquidity Providers can select an automated strategy and RoboYielder will take care of it all.

With RoboYielder, users can easily select their desired target Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and stake their tokens with just a single click. This innovative feature eliminates the need for users to navigate a steep learning curve.

The magic of RoboYielder lies in its automatic asset allocation mechanism. It intelligently distributes staked tokens across different assets and strategies, aiming to achieve the user's chosen target APR. This means users can enjoy the benefits of DeFi and potentially earn rewards without the hassle of manually managing complex asset allocations.

Manual Mode

1) Opening a Kasa

If you are familiar with Vaults or CDPs (Collateralized Debt Position) from other platforms, KASAs offers a similar concept. A kasa is where you can deposit collateral against which you can borrow rUSD and maintain your loan.

2) Borrowing rUSD

After opening a Kasa, deposit collateral. Borrow rUSD with a maximum fee of 0.5% and enjoy 0% interest indefinitely.

3) Farming Platform Revenues

1 rUSD = $1, swap or spend it however you like. You can deposit rUSD in our Stability Pool and earn liquidation gains, also you can stake the EMBD in our staking pool and earn revenue from borrowing and redemption fees.

4) Farm Real World Revenues

You can also farm real world revenues for boosted APR. Lock your rUSD for fixed or boosted stablecoin returns.

5) Repay rUSD

Close your Kasa and withdraw collateral at your convenience.

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