Innovations Crafted by Embedr

Request for Liquidity: Solving the utilization rate problem in lending and borrowing marketplaces.

The Request for Liquidity paradigm represents a novel and pragmatic approach to solving the utilization rate problem in lending and borrowing marketplaces. Unlike traditional models that rely on pre-filled pools governed by user-obscure mechanisms of penalties or incentives to maintain desired utilization rates, Embedr's method guarantees precise alignment of liquidity with demand. This equilibrium eliminates complexity and improves capital efficiency without user-obscure intervention.

Our solution involves the consolidation of "commitments" from rUSD holders within the ecosystem. These commitments act as collateral and provide liquidity on demand for tangible, real-world loan demands. Importantly, liquidity is only drawn based on validated demand, avoiding the pitfalls of under- or over-utilization. This innovative architecture keeps the utilization rate at a maximized 100% state at all times, ensuring optimal capital efficiency without relying on complex penalty or incentive structures.

RoboYielder: We introduce "one-click" asset management.

RoboYielder is an intelligent and user-friendly tool within our platform that makes participating in decentralized finance (DeFi) simple and efficient. With RoboYielder, users can easily select their desired target Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which represents the potential return on their staked tokens. This innovative feature eliminates the need for users to navigate a steep learning curve. Instead, they can stake their tokens with just a single click.

The magic of RoboYield lies in its automatic asset allocation mechanism. It intelligently distributes staked tokens across different assets and strategies, aiming to achieve the user's chosen target APR. This means users can enjoy the benefits of DeFi and potentially earn rewards without the hassle of manually managing complex asset allocations.

Liberti Token: The UNIVERSAL rewards token - spend your rewards anywhere!

The "Liberti Token" introduces a groundbreaking way to transform how loyalty and rewards work. With this concept, real-world small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can create their own special loyalty tokens through Embedr's easy-to-use system. Alternatively, they can adopt the "Liberti Token" directly. This means that when you earn rewards from one SME, you can freely use them at other partner SMEs too. You're no longer limited to just one place. And here's the exciting part: you can even exchange these rewards for fiat or other cryptocurrencies if you want.

Tokenized SME Bonds: A new way for you to invest in local small businesses you love.

A Bond is like a loan, but instead of borrowing funds from a bank, a business borrows from everyday investors just like you. Traditionally, bonds served banks and corporations, mitigating stock market volatility. Embedr disrupts this by democratizing bonds, empowering SMEs and broadening market access. By using NFTs, more participants can engage in bonds, benefiting from returns and risk reduction. NFT Bonds allow SMEs to issue fixed-maturity, yield-bearing coupon bonds. Initially offered during issuance, the real innovation is their subsequent trading on a secondary market.

Principal Protected Structured Yield Products: Enterprise level enhanced safety for the stable coin yields.

Through tranching, Embedr real-world revenue farming pool offers fixed and variable yields to provide a sophisticated approach to risk management and yield optimization. By allowing investors to select tranches that align with their risk appetite and return expectations, Embedr empowers users to make informed investment decisions tailored to their preferences. This personalized and efficient allocation of risk is a distinctive feature that sets us apart. Embedr itself and the participating SMEs actively stake in the first loss capital tranches to offer an increasing level of principle protection. We will be dynamically increasing this "skin-in-the-game" share to offer 100% principle protection in the long term.

Dual Yield: Your investment never sleeps, earning around the clock.

"Dual Yield" harnesses deposited liquidity with a dual-purpose strategy. Part of the liquidity is directed towards real-world revenue farming, engaging in dynamic revenue generation. Meanwhile, the remaining liquidity is judiciously invested in secure assets like US T-Bills or liquid staking, providing a stable and reliable base yield.

Fiat Direct: Pay bills, rent, and more directly from your bank account.

Unlike typical DeFi protocols that pay users solely in cryptocurrency, Embedr introduces a groundbreaking option that allows users to effortlessly channel their earnings directly to their bank accounts within the Web2 layer. Pay bills, rent, and more directly from your bank account. For businesses in the decentralized space, this means hassle-free management of earnings, allowing them to easily allocate funds for salaries and operational costs. The user-friendly design ensures that even if you're new to cryptocurrencies, you can effortlessly navigate and utilize your earnings in familiar ways.

Save-n-Go: No customers rejected!

In contrast to traditional affordability tests that often result in customer rejection, "Save-n-Go" introduces a dynamic approach. Customers embark on a structured savings phase, gradually accumulating funds to meet a predefined down payment threshold.

Subsequently, an instalment plan is activated, granting credit for the remaining amount. This cohesive framework ensures credit accessibility while fostering a culture of financial responsibility and gradual fund accumulation.

ROSCA - Saving Accounts on Defi Care Circle: as the first product powered by Remedi Finance

"Care Circle" introduces a transformative concept by applying the ROSCA framework to elective healthcare financing, facilitating accessible resources for treatments such as aesthetic and dental care. Through collective contributions, participants systematically accumulate funds over cycles, bypassing the complexities of traditional financial intermediaries. This novel approach not only empowers individuals to achieve their elective medical goals, but also revolutionizes the clinic-patient relationship.

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