Remedi Finance

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Remedi is the first fintech that is built on Embedr - solving a real world problem which TradFi cannot tackle: Point-of-Care Lending for Medical Tourism.

Remedi allows clinics to embed financial services seamlessly into their day to day operations such as: ease of payment for the patients, medical supplies financing and healthcare savings accounts. It is an on-chain participation/cooperation bank where medical practices removes all financial intermediaries to become their own bank.

With 14.9% of the initial market enrolled as Early Adopters, a digital bank partner, Remedi is already disrupting the TradFi on its own turf.

While Remedi enjoys Embedr's state-of-the-art technology and customized liquidity pools which covers everything from Web2 to Web3 - Remedi's users, clinics and patients are totally isolated from DeFi's complexity.

  • No crypto wallets ❌

  • No painful learning curves ❌

  • Just everyday fintech user experience ✅

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