Unique Value Propositions

Introducing Embedr's unique value propositions, tailored for different user personas:

Liquidity Providers: Earn yield by fueling real world growth! Borrow realUSD at 0% interest rates. Dive into the world of real-world-receivables-backed DeFi by farming Real World Revenues. Passively earn by participating in our Farming Platform revenues. Tailor your yield based on your risk preferences and contribute to genuine value creation.

Merchants: Supercharge your business with fintech powers! Say goodbye to conventional banks and intermediaries. Retain complete ownership of your data, customer relationships, and revenues. Seamlessly integrate our plug-n-play embedded finance services into your operations. Gain access to affordable DeFi capital to support your real-world receivables, empowering your growth in the real economy.

Consumers: Liberate the brands you love! Earn loyalty rewards that hold real value, exchangeable for USD or other real-world utilities, putting the brands you love in your financial control. Engage in Savings Accounts to secure exclusive discounts. Embrace Benefit Packages for access to exclusive perks that enhance your lifestyle.

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