Liberti: Universal Rewards Token

The "Liberti Token" introduces a ground-breaking way to transform how loyalty and rewards work. With this concept, real-world small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can create their own special loyalty tokens through Embedr's easy-to-use system. Alternatively, they can adopt the "Liberti Token" directly.

This means that when you earn rewards from one SME, you can freely use them at other partner SMEs too. You're no longer limited to just one place. And here's the exciting part: you can even exchange these rewards for fiat or other cryptocurrencies if you want.

Through LBRT, Company A can give out tokens to provide additional services through a loyalty program. Aside from these services, users can use their LBRT tokens in Company B and their loyalty services.

Essentially, it is a way of utilizing both individual and cross-company opportunities.

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